Tennessee Fleas


As you may know, I am the KWEEN of flea markets, so obviously I’ve done my fair share of flea-ing since arriving in Nashville. First, I attended the Porter Flea in Nashville, which only happens one weekend each summer and luckily I was here for it! It takes place in a huge warehouse and tons of funky vendors were there; it almost felt like browsing through shops on Venice and Santa Monica. I got a cute black maxi dress, a funky stone bangle and obviously a macaron because  of course they happened to have a vendor selling them lol I simply can’t be tamed around french pastries.

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My First Two Weeks in Smashville: Festivals, First-Time Jobs and FAR too many Cowboy Hats

Moving to a new city is pretty overwhelming. You can research about the best restaurants and bars as much as you want, but nothing prepares you for the amount of inherited ignorance you assume when you make your first wrong turn down a one-way street. The sign is clearly there ( ONE WAY ONLY) but you were too busy looking down at Google maps on your phone trying to figure out how to get to the closest gas station, because you literally don’t even know where that is.

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New Adventures in Nashville

First semester, my songwriting teacher told our small, eager class that if we really wanted to get into the business of songwriting, we would have to go to Nashville. At that time, I would have never that I’d actually end up living there this summer, but here I am; sitting in a bedroom in a house of strangers on a street of a city full of strangers, far far away from anything I’m comfortable with or have ever known. Continue reading “New Adventures in Nashville”

random spurs of cathartic therapy

Unknown.jpegI have dragged ouiouiali into a dormant stage and I am sorry to my miniscule amount of followers for that. Sometimes I just get too lazy to write and sometimes I feel like nobody actually cares to read unless it’s a bullet-pointed list with pictures. It’s almost more of a therapeutical way for my egotistical self to blab on, like a diary except I exploit it on the internet, and I don’t really know if that’s a good thing or not but hey, yolo. I sat in bed today and watched Girls and ate a sandwhich, utterly failing to keep up with new paleo diet. The paleo diet transition has been a failing, flailing attempt from the start, I’m not even sure why I seriously thought I could last so long without shoving my face with extra cheddar blast goldish. Who. Am i.

It’s pretty inspiring to finish an episode of Girls and see that  Lena Dunham’s name plops on screen underneath the first three title roles in the credits: Director, Writer and Producer. Her ingenious creativity and incredible writing is what prompted me to do a brief post on ouiouiali. Luv u, boo.

~ xoxo Ali ~