New Adventures in Nashville

First semester, my songwriting teacher told our small, eager class that if we really wanted to get into the business of songwriting, we would have to go to Nashville. At that time, I would have never that I’d actually end up living there this summer, but here I am; sitting in a bedroom in a house of strangers on a street of a city full of strangers, far far away from anything I’m comfortable with or have ever known. Continue reading “New Adventures in Nashville”

Why The RoseBowl Flea Market Rocks & How to Shop it



Every ol’ second sunday of the month comes a magical time where enough racks and piles of vintage clothes and antique goodies to fulfill my wildest dreams can be found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I’ve been going to the Rose Bowl  with my mom since my middle school years and since then I’ve acquired sum trinkets of wisdom on what to look for, how to prepare and most generally how TO “Rose Bowl Flea Market” that I shall share with you.

Continue reading “Why The RoseBowl Flea Market Rocks & How to Shop it”