Why Halloween in College rocks, and particularly in New Orleans


  1. Halloween is no longer just ONE day to wear a spooky outfit (because obviously everyone in college goes for the scary look). It is an entire WEEKEND of costumes and makeup and sparkles and cat ears and fun!!!!!
  2. We have a three day music festival in a huge park called City Park here in New Orleans called Voodoo Music & Arts Festival. The lineup is always awesome, the food is insane and everyone shows up in crazy costume attire because what else would you expect from New Orleanians ?! My (two) experiences at Voodoo have reminded me of my experiences at Coachella: insane, incredible and sweaty af
  3. You can wear whatever the f*** you want because it’s not super cold in New Orleans during October and you don’t have to worry if you do things last minute because chances are so did everyone else and you won’t be the only cat or spice girl or police officer trollin’ around The Boot LEMME TELL YA


Maddie and I scavenged around the funky threads for sale at Buffalo Exchange last year and dug up these two babies. We spent a decent amount of money on them so why not be German Beer Girls for a second time this Halloween right!?

First day of Voodoo I was Pebbles from da Flinstones but then lost this gdam clip in bone I bought on Etsy. Later on in the night I made a new one for myself out of paper and it looked just as good so then I was even more upset because I realized I never even needed to buy one in the first place ugh

This, right here is a photo of me and my new friend Mr Boombahstick. That torch-like piece he is holding is actually a jumbo stick of incense that he attempted to sell to me, Maddie and Emily along with other paraphernalia. No bargains were made let me tell you but I DID follow him on instagram and he posts photos of the VERY unique baked goods he makes, a great mix-up to my instagram feed, let me say.And OF COURSE a Saturday afternoon tailgate for the Homecoming game because why WOULDN’T Tulane make Halloween weekend also Homecoming/Parents weekend?? Lemme tell u I was NOT gonna have my parents come then so instead they came the weekend after to spoil me and take me out to restaurants and do my laundry :-)

my fav costume of the weekend… DAVID BOWIEEEEEEEE #aladdinsane

Me and my hero, Dwight K. Schrute – outstanding beet farmer and incredible Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, of course!

Last day of Voodo wit ma gal Gabby who also happens to be my Kappa twin

I was a gypsy kinda !?

REALLY wanted to buy this cowgirl hat but I didn’t bc it was expensive :(

Just a fun lil time wit friends at my gal Audrey’s house before a couple of us headed down to Frenchmen street the Monday of Halloween night where sh** seriously got LIT

Sleeping Beauty- this was decided five minutes before my departure lol woopst

hope your Halloweek/end was as spookaliciously lit as MINE!

~xoxo Ali~

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